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About the area

One of the most beautiful coasts of Italy. No wonder this area called Riviera dei Fiori - Liguria. Everyone can find this resort to your taste: from quiet respectable family-style resorts to prestigious and elite. Good environment, lush southern vegetation, extremely mild climate, the ancient mountains that descend to the sea, the rich history of coastal towns such as Imperia, San Remo, Genoa, and others - all of Liguria. The beaches are mostly rocky. Sandy beaches are only 3-4 cities - for example, in Alassio.

In Liguria from the town to the town may be about 20-30 km. At this point, the mountains are close to the sea, so the roads are not very good. The eastern coast of Liguria - Riviera di Levante - one of the most luxurious resorts of Italy: small beach in the charming bays, capes, surrounded by a curved sea water all shades. Here rest the "cream" of society, you can charter a yacht with a crew, or without it, and go on a romantic trip, and can be great fun on the elite discos in Santa Margherita Ligure. From the picturesque harbor with white yachts and boats-art road leads to Portofino, a fashionable resort for the elite. It was opened millionaires after World War II, and today tourists attract the absolute silence of the mountains, patriarchal fishing village, the unique bay - a natural harbor for luxury yachts of world celebrities, which are reflected in the waters of colorful doma.Po Maupassant said, "this green bay in the realm of harmony and peace as contrasted with all the vain anxieties of life. " To fully enjoy the natural beauty of the window Rapallo can review the cable car.

In the north-west coast, washed by the dazzling turquoise waters Ligurian Sea, is the resort area known as Liguria, or Ligurian Riviera. From Ventimiglia, Italy where the borders with France to Tuscany stretches her long charming picturesque arc. The coastline is conventionally divided into western Ligurian coast (Riviera di Ponente) and eastern (Riviera di Levante) part. Majestic mountains, like caring guards guarding the beautiful Liguria from cold winds, so it is always warm and pleasant to relax, even in winter.

Ligurian sky alien fog, snow and a rare visitor to the mountains and hills of this land. All year round the sun shines brightly. That is why so many of Liguria lush vegetation consisting of olive trees, cypresses, palm trees, chestnut trees, maritime pines. The average temperature from November to February is 11oS, 25 ° C in the summer months, in September and October - about 19oS. Ligurian Riviera beaches to satisfy the most discerning traveler with taste: it's golden sandy beaches of Savona and the Empire, and pebble beaches Spezia and Genoa.
In front of you the whole Cote d'Azur, but only by Italy. From San Remo and Monte Carlo, Nice and Cannes - just around the corner.

You are waiting for the beautiful Ligurian coast hotels, gourmet Italian cuisine, soft and warm climate, beautiful sea and lots of entertainment area. The main resort towns of Liguria are San Remo (the famous "City of Flowers"), Arenzano Diano Marino.