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About the area

One of the most beautiful coasts of Italy. No wonder this area called Riviera dei Fiori - Liguria. Everyone can find this resort to your taste: from quiet respectable family-style resorts to prestigious and elite. Good environment, lush southern vegetation, extremely mild climate, the ancient mountains that descend to the sea, the rich history of coastal towns such as Imperia, San Remo, Genoa, and others - all of Liguria. The beaches are mostly rocky. Sandy beaches are only 3-4 cities - for example, in Alassio.

In Liguria from the town to the town may be about 20-30 km. At this point, the mountains are close to the sea, so the roads are not very good. The eastern coast of Liguria - Riviera di Levante - one of the most luxurious resorts of Italy: small beach in the charming bays, capes, surrounded by a curved sea water all shades. Here rest the "cream" of society, you can charter a yacht with a crew, or without it, and go on a romantic trip, and can be great fun on the elite discos in Santa Margherita Ligure. From the picturesque harbor with white yachts and boats-art road leads to Portofino, a fashionable resort for the elite. It was opened millionaires after World War II, and today tourists attract the absolute silence of the mountains, patriarchal fishing village, the unique bay - a natural harbor for luxury yachts of world celebrities, which are reflected in the waters of colorful doma.Po Maupassant said, "this green bay in the realm of harmony and peace as contrasted with all the vain anxieties of life. " To fully enjoy the natural beauty of the window Rapallo can review the cable car.

In the north-west coast, washed by the dazzling turquoise waters Ligurian Sea, is the resort area known as Liguria, or Ligurian Riviera. From Ventimiglia, Italy where the borders with France to Tuscany stretches her long charming picturesque arc. The coastline is conventionally divided into western Ligurian coast (Riviera di Ponente) and eastern (Riviera di Levante) part. Majestic mountains, like caring guards guarding the beautiful Liguria from cold winds, so it is always warm and pleasant to relax, even in winter.

Ligurian sky alien fog, snow and a rare visitor to the mountains and hills of this land. All year round the sun shines brightly. That is why so many of Liguria lush vegetation consisting of olive trees, cypresses, palm trees, chestnut trees, maritime pines. The average temperature from November to February is 11oS, 25 ° C in the summer months, in September and October - about 19oS. Ligurian Riviera beaches to satisfy the most discerning traveler with taste: it's golden sandy beaches of Savona and the Empire, and pebble beaches Spezia and Genoa.
In front of you the whole Cote d'Azur, but only by Italy. From San Remo and Monte Carlo, Nice and Cannes - just around the corner.

You are waiting for the beautiful Ligurian coast hotels, gourmet Italian cuisine, soft and warm climate, beautiful sea and lots of entertainment area. The main resort towns of Liguria are San Remo (the famous "City of Flowers"), Arenzano Diano Marino.

Rest on the Ligurian Coast

Small Italian region of Liguria is often called the Riviera of flowers. Coast is not accidentally get this romantic name - thanks to its mild climate Liguria into a vast sky garden. Rest on the Ligurian coast - a combination of a mild climate, lush vegetation, fragrant cuisine, beautiful beaches and unforgettable panoramic views.

Ligurian coast of Italy is divided into Western and Eastern Liguria Liguria, with its capital at the center of the coast. The capital of Liguria - Genoa - the most important port in Italy. Genoa is interesting for its medieval part where the old buildings. No wonder the main symbol of Genoa - the medieval city gates of Porta Soprana, which is located not far from the house where the legend was born discoverer of the New World by Christopher Columbus.

One of the most impressive buildings in Genoa is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, combining several architectural styles - Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque. It is not only a powerful and elegantly decorated with old facade, but also chapel dedicated to St. John the Baptist - the patron of Genoa.
Continuing our discussion of architectural and artistic values ​​of Genoa, I want to say a few words about the Palazzo Reale, where keeping the original Rococo interiors and Palazzo Bianco, where in addition to painting Genoese artists, you can see the works by Dürer, Rubens and Caravaggio.

Going to Genoa, should visit the local Oceanarium. This is the largest aquarium in Europe will give you an unforgettable experience and an opportunity not only to see the dolphins and jellyfish, turtles, sharks and other ocean dwellers, but also to touch the fish, placed in a special outdoor pool. Traveling to the underwater world, you can find yourself suddenly in tropical forests, if you visit the biosphere - a huge ball at which all the conditions for tropical plants and animals. Complete a fascinating journey through the romantic Genoese Oceanarium can lift a panoramic elevator, offering magnificent views of the Old Port.

West Coast Liguria has a hilly terrain, at the time, as the Eastern - more mountainous and steep. The main resorts of the West Coast - Alassio and San Remo. Alassio - a resort, with a history inscribed names such as Hemingway, Churchill, and Sophia Loren, famous for its beautiful sandy beaches.
San Remo - a resort with no less rich track record of politicians and celebrities who visited it, is remarkable urban casino, built in 1906. In the early 20th century, the San Remo, along with Nice was the resting place of Russian aristocrats, as evidenced by the Orthodox Church of Christ the Savior Cathedral, built in 1912.
Another resort in Western Liguria, worthy of attention - Diano Marina: The local beaches are considered as one of the best on the coast. Holiday at the resorts of the West Coast can be combined with a trip to the French Riviera - Nice, Cannes and Monaco.

One of the most beautiful resorts in the East Coast of Liguria - Cinque Terre (Cinque Terre). Name of the resort translates to "five lands": beautiful bay really unites five settlements, shelters on the slopes of the mountains covered with greenery. On these fertile slopes of growing grapes and olives. Local wine and olive oil are highly regarded for their quality and taste.

Nowhere near the Cinque Terre on the picturesque resort town of Portofino, located just 20 km from Genoa. Portofino - a unique resort - the beauty of the local nature are complemented by medieval appearance of the city, saved by a ban on the building. The last few years, many Hollywood stars to buy property in Portofino, where you can escape from the city and merge with nature in a single harmony.


Liguria - the third of the smallest regions in Italy, "Rainbow" perekinuvshiysya from the borders of France to Tuscany. Surrounded by a ring of mountains on one side and lapped by the Ligurian Sea on the other hand, the region is divided into four provinces: Genoa, Imperia, La Spezia and Savona.

Capital - Genoa.

How to get to Liguria

The main airport in the region is located in the capital of Liguria, Genoa. From Russia round here can get a connection in Venice and Rome, and in the summer - use the services of charter carriers.

By train

By train (Trenitalia) to Genoa can be reached from Milan and Turin (on the road for about 2 hours, tickets from € 9 to € 23.50); ​​Rome train goes from 4 to 6 hours, the ticket - from € 35 to € 85). From Nice to Genoa goes fast express (journey time - about 3 hours, the ticket price - € 20) and a few conventional trains (more than 4 hours on the road, for € 12).


In Liguria, done in the "arms" of the mountains on one side and the sea on the other, a very mild climate. The average summer temperature - +25 ... +28 ° C, in winter - +7 ... +10 ° C.


The region is well connected by public bus and railway transport, provided by different companies (APM, ATC, Riviera Transporti, etc.) in all the major cities are open offices known car rental companies (Hertz, Avis, Maggiore).


In Genoa, in the morning Monday to Friday working flea market Piazzetta Lavagna. Food and local delicacies go to Mercato Orientale. In the first weekend of each month, except in August and September, in Genoa antique market opens at Palazzo Ducale. Also antiques can be bought on the market Lungomare di Genova Pegli the last Sunday of the month and on the Piazza Matteotti on the first Sunday (August both markets do not work). The city also has many shops for designer clothes, such as the Via Roma and Via XX Settembre.

Clothes by famous designers "ridiculous" prices available Outlet:

Euro Outlet, on Via Guglielmo Marconi, 24,
Consorzio Portofranco Outlet, on Via Sotto La Ripa
Diffusione Tessile, on Corso Ferdinando Maria Perrone, 19.
Children's Clothing in Outlet Baby Kids Sestri, on Via Ramiro Ginocchio, 7.
In San Remo Piazza Eroi Sanremesi operate fish and food markets, and the clothing market. "Design" street - Via Matteotti.

In the old part of La Spezia you can buy souvenirs and local artists, including porcelain and ceramics from Abissoly.

Cuisine of Liguria

Fish and seafood, aromatic herbs, olives and olive oil, special, amber, ripe tomatoes and artichokes, mushrooms, baked goods - kitchen Liguria simple and beautiful at the same time. It is here that there was a famous resto alla genovese - sauce of basil, pine nuts, cheese, garlic and olive oil, which is generously seasoned with everything - from snacks and cakes to main courses.

Sample local wines and liqueurs: Limoncino (by lemon), Arancino (based on orange), Basilicò (through basil).

Beaches and resorts of Liguria

Ligurian coast is deservedly loved by a lot of rest, that's why it is called the "Italian Riviera". Everyone can choose the resort of your choice: pebble beaches of La Spezia and Savona, Genoa and sandy and the Empire.

Riviera di Ponente - continuation of the French Riviera. Here are the Finale Ligure - a modern resort with beautiful sea promenade, Alassio - one of the most respectable part of the Riviera resorts, Diano Marina - a luxurious sandy beach, surrounded by exotic trees and lush vegetation, San Remo - "City of Flowers" and the famous musical festival.

Rugged Riviera di Levante stretches south of Genoa. Camogli - a former fishing village, and now - "island" of peace and tranquility. Portofino - a picturesque town, love the millionaires and international celebrities. Rapallo - a city of ancient cathedrals and colorful houses, surrounded by unspoilt nature. Portovenere - the pearl of the Ligurian coast is on the list of UNESCO.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions Liguria

Miraculous nature of the region is carefully preserved by its inhabitants: in the region has eight national parks. The most famous of them - Cinque Terre (Cinque Terre) («five lands") - five villages, five romantic places ekstraneordinarnoy beauty, two of which connects the "Road of Love" - ​​a beautiful passage, surrounded by basalt cliffs. Since 1997, under the protection of UNESCO.

In Genoa worth seeing Porto Antico - the old port, the central pier which is Europe's largest aquarium and a panoramic lift Bigo. In the Cathedral of San Lorenzo go down to the crypt - the repository of marine trophies Genoa. Not far from the majestic medieval arches of Porta Soprana is a house of Christopher Columbus, where, according to legend, the explorer was born and spent his childhood.

In San Remo visit the Russian church, built in the early 20th century by the architect Shchusev.

Castello Brown - a medieval fortress with frescoes Raffaelino and Giulio De Rossi, overlooking the harbor in Portofino.

St. Peter's Church in La Spezia - monumental building, as if grows out of the rock. Its beauty and picturesque surrounding landscape - a popular place honeymooners.


At the beginning of each year in San Remo enables international flower market and the Flower Parade - a colorful spectacle in which each city Riviera presents his original compositions of flowers mounted on automobile platforms. Since 1951, it also runs the famous International Song Festival. International Violin Competition Premio Paganini in October every second year takes place in Genoa, the birthplace of the great Nicolo Paganini. During the competition, the opening day of the New World is a series of events dedicated to another famous Genoese - Christopher Columbus.

History lovers will be happy to ship sailing ships will visit the rally Vele d'Epoca, passing in the Empire once in two years.

And interest in contemporary international nautical navigation recommend salon Il Salone Nautico (Genoa, every October).

Every third weekend in July in the village of Riva Trigoso that Sestri Levante is a holiday devoted to local specialties - Sagra del Bagnum. Musical evenings, wine tasting and other activities completed fireworks.